Objectives for You and Us


To become a skilled communicator in the sales profession. Understanding your natural tendencies and how to properly use your traits in the sales world. Learning how and when to flex your style for selling success. To become more successful in the sales field - providing you with peace of mind, a competitive advantage and financial security.


To provide you with world-class information and reference materials for on-going usage of the techniques and skills taught. To insure you have an understanding of how to apply the knowledge and information provided. To reinforce you new found knowledge with success stories and additional information for application purposes.

Agenda of Session

A one day workshop beginning at 8:30 and ending at 4:30.


  1. Foundation InformationVoss Graham Facilitating a Class
  2. Review of Personal Reports
  3. Group Dynamics
  4. Understanding All Behavioral Styles
  5. Recognition of Others Styles
  6. Words that Work and Don't Work


  1. Application of information Exercises
  2. Practice Flexing Your Style
  3. Review of All Styles and Implications
  4. Additional Practice Exercises
  5. Advanced Techniques for Gaining Rapport
  6. Review and Action Planning

The work session will be highly interactive and focused upon application of the styles and flexing for effective communication.