Q: What is Flexible Selling?

A: Often, I am told that certain people are difficult to sell to for certain sales people. And, technically this is true. There are people are totally different from you and appear to be difficult to sell. The reason for this mismatch is due to the differences in behavioral style between the sales person and the buyer.

Once a sales person learns what their personal strengths and weaknesses are - they realize they have been selling to others the way they want to be sold. This is backwards. Sell to the buyers the way the want to buy! This means that a sales person is responsible for flexing to the buyers style rather than the buyer flexing to the seller.

The sales person will learn how to recognize the style of others during their initial meeting and use this knowledge to present information to the buyer in a favorable way. The buyer will listen objectively to the information from the sales person. Both rapport and trust are built between the sales person and the buyer. Thus, the sales person is able to sell more and to anybody they are selling.

Q: Is this a behavioral selling process?

A: Yes, it does involve behavioral style references during the developmental process. However, it is not based on theory or conceptual ideas, it is based upon actual field tested and proven results. The best part is it is being facilitated by an actual sales person who has been in the field using the knowledge for over twenty-five years.

Q: What is the first step?

A: Well, the first step is to select a date that works for your schedule and then register for the session. This action does two things: First, it reserves a seat for you at the workshop session. And, Second, it activates an email for you to take an assessment for your individualized report. Your assessment is executed over the internet at a "Secure Server" and processes the results of your assessment and sends the results to our office for printing and binding.

Q: Can I just show up on the date of the workshop?

A: You can if your want - however, you would not have the individualized report and possibly a working reference manual to guide you during the session and application exercises. Therefore, we recommend that you register online or call us between the hours of 8:30 to 5:00 Central Time -USA. This will insure that you get the most value from your time investment.

Q: How much does this workshop cost?

A: Well, first we think of this as an Investment in your personal success rather than a cost. Yet, to answer your question - your investment is $427 for the one day workshop, reference materials, and individualized report. Plus, you get 60 days of email support for handling application questions concerning customer situations. We find that this part is very valuable to our clients.

InnerActive Consulting Group, Inc.

Q: How long has this company been in business?

A: InnerActive Consulting Group, Inc. has been in business since 1988. However, our company was known as Kaizen Performance Group, Inc. until 2004 when we changed the name of the company for branding purposes. InnerActive is the key component of our beliefs and branding philosophy. We believe that ALL change begins in the INNER thoughts and then moves in an ACTIVE mode as people progress.

Q: Have you always been in sales development?

A: Yes. Our beginnings included using Brian Tracy's New Psychology of Selling, which was an excellent sales training process. Later, we used more advanced selling processes for our B2B clients and National Account Sales Teams. We developed several custom development processes for our clients - that got the results they wanted. Flexible selling is one of the core sales development processes that we have used. We have provided this process successfully from beginners to industry superstars with outstanding results.