Reasons You Want to Attend

Your Goals:

* Improve Your Sales Performance and Increase Sales Results.
* To Become a High-Performance Sales Person.
* Develop or Fine-Tune your Personal Sales Results.
* Build strong Customer Relationships - where They look forward to Working with You.

Our Solutions:

* Proven assessment tools to quantify your strengths and weaknesses.
* Focused program for addressing your specific communication challenges.
* Techniques that include inneractive methods to insure Great Rapport with Customers.
* Tools that identify the Things you should or should not do with Different Types of People.

Our Sales Development Team—led by Voss Graham, the "Sales Fitness Coach" and Three Games of Selling book coverauthor of "Three Games of Selling" — has been helping companies and individuals build their sales programs since 1988. He is an actual sales person- not a trainer with no experience in the field. A sales leader for over 20 years who has won awards based upon sales performance. You will receive "real world" advice on how to sell to different types of people - successfully.

Did I mention it will be fun also. No boring powerpoint read to you over and
over. There will be dynamic interaction and application of the new techniques you will learn. Again, the key is the application of this knowledge to the real world of successful selling.

Your Individualized Report

You will receive an Individualized Report showing your natural strengths and weaknesses. This 20+ page report is about you. It shows your unique individual traits. By the way, you are not crammed into a 8 or 16 "boxes" or forced to use some close but not accurate description of who you are.

No, the assessment we use has the highest rankings available. We will be "blown away" by the accuracy of these reports. Why are they so accurate? Because we believe that each individual is unique, yet, needs to understand what actually makes you tick. How you do things in the world is an important component in understanding how to interact with others - especially in a sales situation.

You will get a kick out your report and will probably want to share it others - particularly spouses or significant others!

One additional factor. X or Y generation people love this report, because the norms have incorporated their preferences into the process. In fact, the norms are 2003 and are highly validated. Other similar reports were made for the boomers and often miss the mark with the younger generation. Everyone gets an accurate report of their natural strengths and weaknesses.